The Best Shot and Chaser Pairings

Shots and Chasers

It's no secret that shots and chasers are a time-honored tradition when it comes to drinking. Whether you're out at a bar or having a night in with friends, there's nothing quite like downing a quick shot followed by a tasty chaser. And there's no better way to chase a shot than with TakeShots! But what's the best way to pair your favorite shot with the perfect chaser? Here are some of our top picks.



Whiskey always seems to pair best with soda. Something about the fizzy carbonation and strong taste of soda does the best job at taking away that powerful burn of whiskey. Here are a few of our favorite Whiskey pairings:

Jack Daniels and Coca-Cola

If you're looking for a classic pairing that will never go out of style, look no further than Jack and Coke. The sweet taste of Coke offsets the slightly bitter herbal notes of Jack Daniel’s whiskey, making for a delicious and refreshing combination. Plus, the familiar flavors make this pairing easy to drink, even if you're not a huge fan of hard liquor.

Whiskey and Ginger Ale

Whatever type of whiskey you’re drinking, Ginger Ale is a great pair for a chaser. Calmer and smoother than Coca Cola with delicious sour, citrus-y notes makes it a perfect chaser for the robust dark flavors of whiskey. The sweet taste of Ginger Ale lingers longer than other sodas and for that reason, is one of our favorite whiskey pairings.



We prefer our vodka paired with juice. No matter what kind of juice you pick, it always seems to go well with vodka. Cranberry, orange, grapefruit, pomegranate – they’re all amazing vodka chasers. Our top picks:

Vodka and Pickle Juice

The pickle shot – ever had one? Vodka pickle shots became very popular over the last few years, and many bars now do infused vodkas with pickle juice! You might think, “Vodka burns, pickles are sour, that sounds like it would just make it worse!” Wrong you would be. The brine of the pickle, or pickle juice, is a very strong and refreshing way to cover the burn of the alcohol. While pickle shots are typically infused, using pickle juice as a chaser also works great!

Vodka and Orange Juice

Another classic, another mixture that’s great as a drink or as a chaser! The age old, simple and delicious Screwdriver. While some drinks might call for ingredients like grenadine or tonic water the Screwdriver needs just two ingredients – vodka and orange juice. Used as a chaser for a vodka shot, orange juice leaves you with the sweet, fruity taste of delicious oranges. We highly recommend fresh squeezed and not that from concentrate crap!



Finally to our favorite spirit of them all – tequila. Tequila can be paired with just about anything and be great. Similar to vodka, we prefer to pair it with juices for a better flavor, and less added sugar (and less hangover).

Tequila and Lime Juice

There's nothing quite like a cold shot of tequila on a hot summer night. And while tequila is often paired with salt, we think lime juice makes for a much tastier combination. The acidity of the lime helps to accentuate the agave flavor of the tequila, making for a delicious and refreshing chaser. For an extra kick, try adding a pinch of cayenne pepper to the mix.

Tequila Pineapple

One of the most refreshing (and this writers favorite drink) is the classic pairing of tequila and pineapple juice. A great, tropical tasting drink and a perfect chaser for a blanco, reposado or anejo tequila! Our favorite way to spice this up even more is to combine pineapple juice with a splash of Sprite. This gives that sweet taste some carbonation and clears the palate with a sweet refreshing chaser.


Whether you're looking for something sweet or something sour, there's definitely a shot and chaser pairing out there that's perfect for you. So next time you're having drinks with friends, be sure to give one (or all) of these combinations a try. And don’t forget that the best way to take shots, is to TakeShots with our shot straws.



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