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Men's Soft Cotton Anything Is Possible When You TakeShots T-Shirt

The perfect garment to show off your positive attitude towards life: the “Anything Is Possible” shirt. This stylish and comfortable shirt will inspire you with its powerful message that anything can be achieved no matter how daunting the challenge may seem! Whether you're facing a difficult decision or looking for motivation, this would be a great reminder to take chances as they come and achieve all of your goals. With its encouraging words on high-quality fabric, this is sure to become one of your favorite daily wear pieces!


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The 5 Case 1 PC Durable TakeShots Straw Holder Holds 5 Straws
Demarius Sinclair (San Diego, California, United States)
Great investment

Money well spent. Great with friends

Route Package Protection
Kaylee Khlem (New Middletown, Ohio, United States)
TakeShots straw

TakeShots straw is great!! I was so excited to open the package and after I opened it I immediately tried it, the straw worked AMAZING!!! And I would completely recommend this straw to anyone who doesn't like the taste of alcohol. This straw Is completely worth all the hype and every single penny. GET IT NOW!!!!!!

Starter Bundle V2 3pc Set for Drinks & Instant Chasers
Colleen Guenza (Pinole, California, United States)
So fun!

I love these Take Shots! I'm doing them by myself and still having a blast! Can't wait to give my friend hers for Christmas so we can do them together!

The Ultra Bundle V2 7 PC Drinkware Set
Jonathan Parker (Boston, Massachusetts, United States)
I took a shot, and it was a bullseye

I got the Ultra Bundle because I figured if I was to go in blind, might as well go all the way.

What a cool concept. In my opinion, it's a fun way to drink on the go. It's different, and that's refreshing. Since I never had V1, I cannot compare the upgrade, but these drink with ease. I just watched the How To video on YouTube, and was on my way. Excellent product.

The Take V2 1 PC Portable Plastic Straw for Bitter Liquids
Joseph Carusiello (Bloomingdale, Illinois, United States)
Better flow

Better more flow less air trapped in straw

The Ultra Bundle V2 7 PC Drinkware Set
Larry Ruffin (Savannah, Georgia, United States)
Had to make a 2nd Purchase

My first purchase was The Take and The Chaser and I found those 2 items to be amazing (look for a review by Larry Ruffin for further details). They were so amazing, that I told all of my friends, whether they drink or not. After talking about it so much, I knew that I needed to spread the love so, I purchased the Ultra Bundle V2 7pc Drinkware set, that way, I can give a Take those that I believe would truly enjoy it. Now, even though I bought this bundle that came with 5 Takes, the Chaser, and a carrying case, I wasnt going to give ALL of it away, I kept some for myself so that I could expand my set. And I must admit, I didn't know that a 2nd version came out (or rather didn't pay attention lol) but I knew something was different because when I used one of the ones I kept for myself, the flow was truly smoothe. I didn't think that could be possible! The first version was already really good so experiencing this even smoother was a very nice surprise. For those on the fence about making this purchase, take it (no pun intended lol) from a 2nd time buyer, you won't regret having these in your drinking arsenal. This bundle is well worth the money!

The Take V2 1 PC Portable Plastic Straw for Bitter Liquids
Kayla (Lynchburg, Virginia, United States)

I like to drink but I HATE the taste of alcohol and this changes the WHOLE game for me. I have the original version and I can't wait to get the V2 in my hands to try

Route Package Protection
Sherrice (St Louis, Missouri, United States)

The straw is AMAZING

It’s hard to get the mix into the straw and doesn’t mix too well

Works so much better than I expected. You can still taste the alcohol a tiny bit but as someone who cannot stand the smell, this things works wonders.

Route Package Protection
Oliva Martinez

I was skeptical at first but once I tried it I was impressed. This makes taking wellness shots easy!

The Half Take V2 Portable Plastic Instant Chaser Device
Riley Cox (Indianapolis, Indiana, United States)

This straw is the life of the party.

Can’t wait to order another one (hot red)

Amazing product works good and is as advertised

The Take V2 1 PC Portable Plastic Straw for Bitter Liquids
Laura Smith (Carbondale, Illinois, United States)

I was a skeptic at first until I tried the V2 and let me tell you, it is worth the money.

The Take V2 1 PC Portable Plastic Straw for Bitter Liquids
Kaely Gibson (Jackson, Mississippi, United States)
Pretty cool

This does make it easier to take shots! I have never been able to take shots, but with this I can! For people saying you can’t taste it, that’s a lie. You can definitely still taste the shot. You get straight alcohol at first, but the immediate chaser helps relieve some of the burn you would usually get with the shots. I wish I had gotten a half take as well because the full one is a lot to suck.

I never even got my item, was full on scammed.

package was secure it’s just one of those things you probably wouldn’t want to place under something heavy or semi bigger than it

The Take V2 1 PC Portable Plastic Straw for Bitter Liquids
N.C. (Phoenix, Arizona, United States)
Best purchase I’ve ever made !

I love shots but hate the taste so this is definitely soooo worth it!!! I definitely recommend to everyone and they love them

The Take V2 1 PC Portable Plastic Straw for Bitter Liquids
Sandra Smith (Hayneville, Alabama, United States)
Take shot

I love these !!!!!

This is a pretty good idea. Everything came as stated and they work great!!!